These days, comedians / comediennes never get on RADIO or TELEVISION & talk about their 1st stand up performance. I consider this one of the great ironies of life. Instead gurus lecture the amateurs, hectoring us about “timing” or “executing” your “material”. We all freely use phrases & terms that a generation ago, nobody would dream of mentioning in public.

Ah, but never repeat a joke BANG! the Comedy Control Cops are down on you like a tonne of bricks. Before you know it, you are sitting in a cell deep in the bowels of the Chamber of Political Correction. There they force-feed you the Cold Gruel of Seriousness, make you study the Gormless Book of Rigidity & let you out only for a daily one-hour session at the Ruthless Gymnasium of Self Righteousness.

Where’s the justice in all this?

Comedians / comediennes are allowed to enforce their rules upon me, ridicule a fellow colleague & bear everybody witless in that flat monotone that is favored by the gloriously pompous. Yet if you or I use the same punch-line as funny content, we end up in the Sin Bin. Well, we are not going to take it any more. If comedians / comediennes can repeat their jokes, I will never repeat a joke. Herein lies the differences amongst us – the funny, peculiar attitude found in every comic.

Anything we want. In the way that we want. The joke way, the fun way, the way that brightens up our day. Not necessarily in a crude or dirty way, but in a way that gets the party going & makes people realize that we all need a good laugh.

So be brave, be rebellious, DOWNLOAD MY APP & storm the Bastille of Blandness. Let the Arabian Joker throw off the shackles of the Comedy Control Cops & run amok.

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