It Takes A Brothel

These days, taking sides on a subject is unfeasible unless you desire to be torn by an opposing party, doggedly passionate about her own views.

How united do we really stand? What stand should we take as Americans? Accept the vapid ideology that fear-mongereriner Trump is just one single joke. Matriarchy? I don’t comprehend how to say this without infringing turbulence upon the nerves of the American people, but okay, I’ll humor the notion. So the mission is to save our country? For safety?

In reading #ImWithHer tweets, I intentionally attempt to bypass women’s rights. The need to avenge Hillary-phobes, lured to vote as she takes a bat to clowns, focusing her campaign to rid Antarctica of the tuxedos (penguins).

We don’t live in a comic book series; Americans are much less philosophical. You want to ruin someone? Slander can always be used as an alibi. As the word feminism can be used to sway audiences.

And there’s the under-representation of women the world over; it’s overlooked. People there is probably nobody in the universe that despises matriarchy. It’s seen as a pity party, & is now rejected. Self-defense coming from women is futile. Men yearn for the female community to ardently declare an exaggerated love for us as the African Americans did for Barack Obama & the 1st lady.

The metaphor “Man-children” comes to mind. Let evil stand alone, representing itself. Patriarchy started with our 1st president in 1789 & may end on November 8, 2016 after 44 presidencies. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Well there ain’t no Hell & there ain’t no woman more scorned by her husband. Till death do us part remember Bill? “Screw Lewinsky, shame on you. Screw Hillary, shame on you.” To loosely quote the latest Bush.

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