I Say Meme You Say Meme

Nowadays we are online – not public, not private – somewhere in between. Can we say “Virtual Reality” à la Jamiroquai? A typical spontaneous persona will engage a community. We differ considerably from when spontaneity did not require a methodical dog-eat-dog spite for whom you make your opponent out to be … Which is yourself!


“What’s another word for Thesaurus?” – Steven Wright


When the average person signs in & out of Facebook 237 times a day, we blur the lines of affinity & addiction, blacking out exhaustion, embracing riots / race wars — lowering seratonin causing mental breakdowns — boiling points or “burning out” which is a gateway to chiropractic needs, lining their pockets, instead of our own.

Every culture lacks the fundamentals to analyze themselves. The only incentive in social media is seeing your loved ones confuse narcissism with patronage. We used to be personal & activity-oriented in attitude. Time-wise now we are undisciplined & fast-paced. It is bigotry when we address the issue of values, or that you are worth doing business, down-playing credible opinions, your rapport, propelling ourselves to instant gratification.

We spend a great deal of time writing content much as the TV bigwigs Stewart, Stern, Letterman, Kimmel, & Carson do. Gary Shandling even.

Some estimate there are 152 million bloggers.

To satiate, we strive for exciting, convincing, concise, plus highly visible [web] presence.


Leno, as you recall, skimmed for interesting & captivating info in the most obvious sections of each page, sent it in by the peanut gallery. For example, on a new product made out of beeswax, would be the caption “Combat Colony Collapse!” Today we call this the memé. It is safe to say Jay Leno invented the memé? There is one rule to abide by just like in the good book: ‘The Reservation of Judgment is Held Before Crucifixion’ Mark 1:5

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