Compass Of Time

Aristotle introduced us to the basics of the singular flow of time like a river flowing from point A to point Z.

Fancy that maybe Earth is flat & it is time only that moves in a globular fashion?

Who is to say a minute is a minute; that a life spans 100 years not 100 seconds? It’s not so much that time does or does not exist – non-linear events introduce turns within life you can never turn back time from. Points of no return that enslave us.

wtfA rotation of the Earth & orbit of sun brings a cycle of day & night; divide up those periods or windows of time; we program ourselves as it is reality. The earth’s orbit of the sun is a phenomena which, due to the pronounced tilt effects the amount of daylight we receive with a consequence for temperature, precipitation & other meteorological events which taken together make up our seasons.

We commit our DNA (our biological time-clock) with marriage certificates to become a slave to fidelity. Money, religion, law, are also “inalienable” social constructs of human beings, which are phenomena effecting plus affecting how we (almost all land-based life & a substantial number of aquatic species) live.

Only the clock exists, that hands of the clock program us. What I call an Hourglass Compass.

Arbitrary units measuring time are arbitrary. But the directionality of time (the ‘arrow of time’ as physicists call it) & the fact that it does elapse in some manner, regardless of how it is labeled, is inarguable. This is why a dead loved one remains dead, eggs do not unbreak, frogs do not become tadpoles, etc.

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