SitDown Comedy?

I begin with a yes or no question: Do you believe in sit down comedy?
Thank you. So … you believe that the art of standup comedy commands routine? Wrong! As if venues or halls or auditoriums or nightclubs or pubs or theaters are going to quota how much we laugh? Comedy is in a state of 9-1-1. North America spends $100 billion buckaroos annually on data to play YouTube, forced to replay, or repeat, antiquated material as if researching as well as valorizing? Are we students of the time-honored court jester? It’s not because of me? Hmm. All that of time I was wasting from the get-go (2011) until failure to launch (2014). The cat is in the bag, zipped. Cats never let go of our tongues in this day. The state of standup comedy is in a steep slope. We are in the age, or era, or millennia, not of the snowflake but of Zingers. Trust me Lenny Bruce is turning in his grave trying to pull out the thorn as we speak. I am not your problem. I am a keen businessperson.

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