State of Publishing

Self-published or indie authors are not 2nd class … We have a credibility problem. The “how” of book marketing is on shaky ground.

The truth of the bowels & morass of the chapbook industry? Salability is a business, not a market bazaar.

Lit Agents are gold miners with meticulous fingernails. They want gold handed to them on a golden platter. On the brink of extinction; as it is often just luck that garners sales. Thin margins. If King James sent the first chapter to an agent, the agent would have rejected the Bible.

So, be specific about the need that you feed & be specific about the target. Who is said reader? Ant-farmers? Psychics?

The trick of the trade are page-turners, keeping readers stimulated, on the edge of their seats. Implement devices such as red herrings, plot twists & cliffhangers.

Non-fiction carries “fiction” in its’ genre designation. A sword & sandals mystery – fickle market be damned … why share the pie with anyone?

To be a mentor/ editor/ marketing consultant, or not to be, investing your lifeline or life breadth, how do we diminish the frequency in thy brain?

Is there a bit of tasty flesh on this slog swine; some resonance to its’ plaintive … oink.

Selling 1K copies is a BUST in traditional publishing yet for self-publishers 1K is a BOOM! Or boon. Underwhelming sales & net gain. It isn’t about traction -just be on the correct track.

For both sides of the lit coin go solo; take the plunge. Tickle us pink.

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