Kettle of Responsibility

Fervent fandoms are more willing to directly support artists they value than they are to pay blanket fees for broad services. Social media develops the aspect of peer-to-peer selling commerce – a profound implication of new media – allowing one to scale / foreshadow varying degrees of privacy policy. Express cultural indifference via technology; make Earth homogeneous.

Content we share is domineered via surveillance, subjugating dishonor. Obfuscation – Doublespeak. Used to reinforce traditional castes & repair ruptures created by migration & mobility.

Walking away has zip to do with peer pressure. We resign from gang banging as we realize our worthiness. Vice versa. Seasons commence shifting.

There’s always an exit. Including her rock bottom. He can have it anyway he chooses. Her goose egg lists the zero sum of ways to choose from. An isle of giddiness accessible via micro voyages.

Twitter is a platform for less savory behavior. Hashtag activism stirs the pot. Buck up. Twitter is a boxing ring for smaller voices to latch on. Pony up to the snark. Treat us like a game we’ll show you how it is played!

We’re in the middle of a work revolution, not jobs, but money, & the ecosystems that support us. Smack dab in the middle is remote work — which is becoming popular only for the freelancers who crave as much versatility as a contortionist. A.k.a. sinambulist. Ever wonder why we continue conjugating the verb TO BE plus why we use shoulda as a chip off the old block? Hardly erudite but I would rather take a big should on the toilet. Take notice, the new contemporary synonym for faggots is Bear. Where does the bear should in the buckwheat?

The best way to win w/ toxic people is not goad. You cannot change your peers! Vibrate so high that toxicity falls back. Fancying suicide grants coping mechanisms & a sick sense of humor. Ego-centric maintain thy image. One-dimensional people give no shits. Be thankful for rugrats as they show us exactly whom we aim to not be!

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