Making Funnies

My dad’s entire existence is to hate on my comedy. His profession as a psychologist is to analyze the broken order of things. The fact my life centers around standup comedy makes him hate me before he fertilized my mom’s womb. He actually gets off daily knowing that he can quote Martin Lawrence: “I’m a comedian & I suck! THAT’S WHY I NEED YOUR MONEY!”

Fuck the Posthumous in Both Ears, brothers & sisters! Brethren! Chisel “He tried to be a comedian” on Ramzy’s gravestone. You know what they say? When the rich gets richer, Rammy gets Rammier!

Anyone here reading this know where they will be tomorrow. I hope you remember me on your death bed. Even if I die before you many years from now on, remember I told you, “The kids are listening & we subconsciously mislead them! We get judged for the amount of our melanin. For punch lines, we prime dance w/ the Devil.”

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