New World Order

Among the rabble of the original web metropolis, you’ll find that straight panic haunts the latest phase of digitization. Virtual reality, AI, the blockchain, drones, cyberwarfare.

Eminently hackable. The word alone is destabilizing. We suffer the vapors. The cycle of doubt & self-doubt is palpable. Somatic. It’s clear what we’re doing with tech is not just interacting with machines, after all these years, we seek serviceable metaphors that will make sense of the digital onslaught, trying to match its many facets, in scale & tenor, with traditional human experiences.

My style of comedy induces loathing, the exact opposite of affection; the notion of the uncanny Silicon Valley to describe a restrictive aesthetic response to simulacrum. I aim to represent a monstrous range of human experiences that includes everything from courtship & commerce to finance & war, introduces a near-constant dysphoria. While the gap between the real & the replica can seem nauseatingly narrow, we do have a brilliant mechanism for telling reality from artifice.

A disgusting mouth breather … will make you want to choke the life from me, a virtuoso expression of fearful resistance to YouTube, which at this time is poised to choke the life from the entirety of the Net, where the sheen of fatuousness, cryptic UX, and clubhouse jargon appears designed to humiliate and enfeeble.

Anxiety is much more than a rookie response to internet-borne humiliation & weakness; it is the animating principle of the entire commercial web.

Try to use Never Repeat a Joke today in a response or incorporate it into your daily routine to be raise your IQ points.

A video gallery of 206 thumbnails extending to 4 pages, scroll down eternally sorting, sifting, getting lost in the shuffle while attempting which of the 206 posts has undeniable allure; the only difference between thumbnail size gallery as opposed to original size video gallery is you have to choose carefully; it is spread to 110 pages.

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