Houdini Of Comedy

Never Repeat Jokes began on December 2009. Still runs today. During this decade, I faced radical innovations, like the reality television boom, cable, on Demand, & satellites. There is also the rise of independent film & the revolution of digital technology.

At each step, I insist NRJ be ahead of the curve of each innovation. In retrospect, my decisions seem inevitable. But in 2009, Facebook was in its infancy & many were skeptical of my long-lasting impact; everything is done live & never repeated.

I predicted that the mobile would revolutionize the public’s viewing habits: People will no longer watch simply what is on TV — we will watch what is free of any commercial messages whatsoever.

In those days, there were no star reporters; I was the star. I proved prescient, running with a byline. I am generally acknowledged as the father of anti-humor — running the first-ever reality standup comedy series.

I vlog & blog about the changes in comedy. I pioneered the use of the audience sans laugh track; a charitable act; feeling payment would be vulgar; while everyone else resists, saying this is private information, or flat out wrong.

I was living up to a long tradition. Forward-looking presence. Singularly well-dressed, courtly & bemused-by-it-all gentleman. A snake-charmer. Other worldly. Only later do I realize that I am not only other worldly but also a savvy businessman who knows exactly the water he was treading.

Under my tenure, I’ve hired (& written for (free-of-charge)) female twins in Nashville, a Muslim at Burj Al Khalifa, an adolescent in Singapore, male twins from Bangladesh, a pregnant Croatian, an autistic, a librarian, a black divorcee named Tidy & a cartoon strip.

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