The epochal storm of tech spawned a dotcom wave cresting in 1998. 2 decades later, my ink captures the fervor of said era. Unlike James Frey – “I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth so help me Shiva.”

The way Galileo put it: “Before understanding communication, understand the universe.” The way I put it: Everybody’s sin is no sin at all. Bemoan your imprisonment. The way Walt Whitman put it: “Let thy soul stand cool & composed before a billion galaxies.”

Contemporary culture faces a growing integrity crisis. The bond of a person’s word is flippantly broken. A Biblical view of oaths & promises calls us to a higher, if not more painful, commitment to our word.

Proverb 18 of 31: A fool’s lips bring strife & mouth invites a beating.

A fool’s mouth is their undoing & their lips a snare to their heart.

I’m smarter than you’re. I’m not programmable. I matter.

Until I multiply myself times the speed of light squared than I’ll be energy.

A natural verse is, in principle, a knowable one. If a universe is unnatural – the lucky outcome of a cosmic roulette wheel amidst serendipitous spins … then it stands to reason there is a vast & diverse multi-verse.

Lady Gaga, Born this Way CC:

“This is the manifesto of the multi-verse. A birth of magnificent & magical proportions occurred on government owned alien territory in space. The birth is NOT finite. IT IS infinite. As the wombs number under – a mitosis of the future began. It is perceived that this is not temporal. It is eternal. Thus began the beginning of the new race: A race within a race in humanity that holds no precedent nor prejudice … Boundless fervor.”

My body is a temple 🗼 to invest in a cause. In capital gain. In equity. In real estate. Welcome to humble abode. My adobe hut. Ah the solemn solace of solitude. Fuck the quantum solace. What’s mine is yours. What’s your is mine. Mi casa su casa.

My name is R.A.M. See why?

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