Spinning Wheel

Ringtones aren’t just a signal that someone wants to talk to you — they say something about who you are. A sign of how profound a simple interface choice changes an environment.

Cellular corporations keep the wheels of the system spinning via ‘creative self-destruction’ embedded in the established structure of the human component of the planetary system. Fundamentally incompatible; sooner see us destroyed than relinquish our power. Cannot stomach capitalists? Silenced via scruples manipulating our very identities vis- à-vis oleaginous emotion!

Facebook spends $860 million, $1 per active monthly user, to deliver & distribute its products. $83 million per month.

It boils down to the metaphor – a generic simile – resulting in superlatives, used in clusters before achieving the effect they strive for. Best used when introducing a 3rd party to circumvent rationale. No one metaphors more than teeny boppers. Hang around a tween long enough, they’ll make you lacerate your own neck!

I correct grammar & spelling mistakes on social media & always share (also known as retweet) intellectual responses! A text-&-drive junkie.  I find on the whole humorists to be of perpetuating ilk as I see every article on comic styles ingested. To cater comedy & alter who we are in our craft or arc to fit the bounds of the room, stage, theater, auditorium. Locations change. Audiences vary. The only consistency there will ever be is you. Jeopardize yourself to please these people you don’t even know nor will have any relationship with past the time on the mic. We be genuine we be ourselves. The rest follows.

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