01) What inspires me to perform stand-up comedy?

Growing I loved all sports. I wanted to be an athlete but I could never choose which sport. Standup comedy is diplomacy. It is a sport in itself. I exercise my jugular or esophagus muscles, manipulating low frill sounds using a boom mic. I am the best comic to ever live. Better than pioneer Lenny Bruce, proprietor Jack Benny, tying with Don Rickles, a step down from Sir Robin Williams.

02) What is the feeling like upon first performing stand-up comedy?

I felt like a Master of Ceremonies chewing thru metal. Microphones are, after all, shaped like iron popcorn.

03) What are my favorite comedy specials or record albums?

Denis Leary No Cure For Cancer. Watched it 68 times. I would blow him like sucking a golf ball through a garden hose. Most recently I listened to Ray Romano who reserved seats for the majority of his family. Got to respect a comedian who respects his family in turn.

04) What are my favorite sketch shows, sitcoms or comedy films?

Mad love for all clowns. I am petrified of Gnomes however. Favorite sitcom is the first 6 seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Only. I love the superego of Ricky Gervais known as David Brent. Just as much as Denis Leary. I also dig Tosh 2.0.

05) If I could go on tour with any comedian, which one would I choose?

My neighbor Fluffy Guy asked me to open for him. I said Yes but haven’t heard from him since. I would completely dig & love to open for Artie Lange. As well as fellow Christian Arab, Amer Zahr or Muslim Arab, Dean Obeidallah whom I was also supposed to open for but chickened out at the last minute for both of them. Amer at a Church. Dean at a high school.

06) If I could get roasted by 5 comedians (past or present), which ones would I choose?

Gallagher. Andrew Dice Clay. Amy Schumer. Lisa Lampanelli. Godfrey.

07) Which other forms of comedy would I like to venture off into?

Routine Comedy. I have tried prop comedy but it reminds me too much of Show ‘n’ Tell.

08) What experience would I like for my audience to take with them, after a set is over?

To call me a Comic’s Comic. Or an adrenaline junkie.

09) Where do you see your comedy career, in the next 5 years?

G.O.A.T. herding the proverbial sheep.

10) Where can readers find me?

Google NRJ. I am an app w/ 500 downloads. 6K subscribers on UTube. 60K fans on the Twit. 13K followers on F-book.

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