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Adam Ackerson: A wild only child.

Jacob Alheid: Quick to turn tricks.

Angie Echeverria: You are bold; you never fold.

Aunt Amal (Amman, Jordan): Intelligent. You will be the next president.

Aunt Diana (Amman, Jordan): How rare to find a mother who smothers?

Aunt Linda: You’re not old. Youth you cannot hold.

Aunt Siham (Fuheis): Mannequin. Chameleon.

Jason Bard: McDonald’s breakfast. Smashing Pumpkins.

Ashley Bathgate: Gorgeous redhead make men drop dead.

Merit Bello: Keeps it simple. Cute dimples.

Alice Bradley: Feel the heart heal.

Rick Broadhurst: Playing football hit & miss as Barry Sanders & Emmitt Smith.

Jay Burla: Burly Burls has the Superman curl.

Brian Casner: Lessons of lore; Nintendo galore.

Shelby Cole: A blonde knock-out; the last to pout.

Julie Coyne: Stylish outfits & taste; when you talk to me, I space.

Laura Cuttone: Nimble kitten never bitten.

Jake Czaja: A Marine who saved me.

April Darting: Sweet-heart from the start.

Jim Dillon: Conversationalist while your beer builds condensation mist.

Miss Dillon (Chemistry Teacher): Surprised I survived?

Keegan Doreemus: College was a play-pen though we may never talk again.

Cortney Dornhecker: We were hip, singing Flaming Lips. We took a chance on romance.

Malini Doshi: Your compassion is a clone: to each his own.

Brian Doyle: Collide with pride.

Rachel Doyle: A good listener even if annoying as a carburetor.

Tim Durant: Made me hit a tree; caused an accident like a laxative!

Ricky Farber: Long-acquainted. Consolidated.

Britney Farber: Pink bedroom like I ate shrooms!

Mrs. Farber: A mom who cooks perfect, cleans every spec & brings home a check.

Mr. Farber: Thank you, dude, for sharing food.

Brandon Feliszak: Friends for life without strife.

Adam Fiedler: Sorry cat for being a rat.

Brendan Fitzgerald: Shouting “Porquee,” eating Airheads, trading Shawn Kemps!

Gabes: Vanilla gorilla.

Tim Gaughan: Big red afro!

Kyle Gedwell: In the Army now, shooting guns in the gravel. How about our novel?

Scott Gehrke: No flaw to draw.

Haley Grasso: Kissing in the dark – cold water like a shark.

Sandra Gonzales: Well-behaved Mexican dame.

Brandon Herkes: Corey Feldman’s biggest fan.

Brian Hoday: Can’t forget you Charleston Chew.

Amy Holmes: Flow like rainbow.

Brendan Howard: Tickle fickle.

Jason Elam (Canada): An eccentric persona to put me in a coma.

“Jido” (Grandpa): A veteran of reverence.

Ryan Kenny: A slave knows the way.

Barb Kensek: A culprit in any outfit.

Brian Kentch: Inspire me, my enemy.

Basel Khoury: Guitar: your gift from Jafar.

Dareen Khoury: “Hello” pillow!

Linda Khoury: Inclination for portraits of creation or cremation.

Barbara Kraus: A co-worker to put the “J” in joker.

Kristin Kusnik: Soul ripe. Blossoms with bright light.

Ben Mahoney: Side-by-side party all night.

Emily Markey: A wicked witch, hover over me with riches.

Pete Maschek: Gamble for money in our white tees.

Maggie Michel: My beau, your boy.

Matt Ochoa: Intense offense.

Rand Ousheh (Amman, Jordan): Each & every word you speak, I want to keep.

Parents: Exceptional professionals.

Lynsey Pawloski: A heart like a water fountain in a park!

Kristin Pizzolato: One relentless argument.

Qualo Suhail: More walk. Less talk.

Qualto Ekhlas: You have all life entails – prosper on your sail.

Fernando Regalado: Personality of insanity.

Lara Roskos: A princess you are; a Queen from afar.

Juliet Roskos: A beautiful jewel; an optical illusion.

Mr. Roskos: You stow a facade of mass dough.

Mrs. Roskos: Like all parents, you are the fuel to my endurance.

Grace Rub: An angel from above: gives donations of love.

Mrs. Ruane (Art Teacher): I aim to be the influence you were to me.

Mrs. Sarantopulous (Social Studies): Preacher reacher.

Sean Alam (Canada): A man of kindred spirit. I see it.

Kristin Spear: A great girl I met, more than a friend, a pet.

Kelly Stack: Weekdays were our weekends.

Stacy (U.K.): Expedite the game of fame with your name.

Stefani Stevens: Eyes the shape of rye.

Lynsey Strong: All the moves, nothing to lose.

Cortney Stump: A vixen: you are, a star.

Angela Sweis: Grind kind.

Carol Sweis (Schmeisani, Jordan): Life is a chore but not a bore.

Daniel Sweis: The kid’ll dance with a split in his pants!

Diane Sweis (Schmeisani, Jordan): A striking lady; eyes like raven.

Don Sweis: Adrenaline is worth more as Thor.

Joe Sweis: Prefers weladewali over Maui!

Kayed Sweis: Kayed a riot.

Leen Sweis (Schmeisani): Once small and chubby. Now tall and lovely.

Lina Sweis: Hair black like kitty-cat.

Livana Sweis: Eternal gold kernel.

Majid Sweis (Fuheis): Personality — with gravity.

Majed Sweis (Chicago): If ever a time I am off the wall, you are the first to call.

Monica Sweis: Bury me in charity.

Raed Sweis (Fuheis): Don’t fart when in my car; on par.

Rima Sweis: It’s given you’re brilliant.

Roger Sweis: You endorse what is in your chest in jest!

Samantha Sweis: Brave babe. Daring.

Sandy Sweis: If ever I have the flu, you’re the first to make me soup.

Sarah Sweis (Jordan): Little do you know you helped me grow!

Pierre Tadros: In Arizona you live — in my heart you chill.

Tatah (Oak Lawn, IL): In memory of the family, how are you happy every day?

Tatah (Jordan): I gloat with hope in lieu of all your wonderful jokes.

Gretchen Ternes: You treat my sister nice, like a Sweis.

Peter Ternes: To no end, old friend.

Mrs. Tomkos (Kindergarten): Social. Elegant. Anent.

Uncle Bander: Fool’s rules.

Uncle Fuad (Schmeisani): From the dark a patriarch.

Uncle Salim: The uncle of uncles. Humble; generous by the bundle.

Uncle Yanal: Will not part with their heart of hearts.

Uncle Zaid: As groovy as you choose to be.

Uncle Ziad: Spontaneous. You never know what he says.

Scott Whisson: Know a ho is a foe.

Krystyne Valy: Slumber summers.

Alexandra Vinci: I can define you as personality times two.

Mike Vinci: Conducts ridiculous business.

Liz Whooley: I am no cheat, I repeat, in defeat.

Debbie Ziebarth: Being around my boss brightens my day. What else can I say?