As Susannah Grant once said, “All films are good.” I believe what sets a film apart from ‘good’ to ‘classic’ is how many people can relate to your film. Or your vision. My vision is to signify the role we all play: from strength to allure. From team-work to camaraderie. How about the evil that conflicts us? Debt one cannot contain. Uncontrollable tantrums. My vision will hypnotize an audience & will allow them not only to escape, but grow spiritually.


2nd Coming of Christ (Sci-Fi Apocalyptic)

When Lucifer convinces someone to commit suicide, she grows in power, eventually able to spawn evil spirits from her body who transform into clones! A priest must solve the riddle of the Bible to bring Jesus Christ back to life.

Court Jester (High-Brow Dramedy)

A rich judge quits his job and spends all of his money to befriend a straight video game employee. He pays off his girlfriend to convince him he is gay, with the hope that they can fall in love!

Dead Weight (Dramedy)

A father, who promotes casual sex with young women, locks horns with his 15 year old son who proudly displays a taboo for morbidly obese women!

Finding Amrita Samir (Drama)

An overprotective father ruins his daughter’s relationship with the man she loves more than life itself!

Genie In A Bong (Fantasy; Comedy)

3 best friends in senior year of high school mistakenly summon a Genie on 4:20 AM on April 20th. After 3 wishes & a dawn that changes their lives, the obstacle is to smoke weed from the bong precisely at 4:20 PM to save their friend’s life!

His Envy (Thriller)

A jealous cousin kills the Emperor of Japan & his family when an arranged marriage takes place against his wishes! The woman is his!

May I Be Mean? Please. Please! (Comedy)

An impoverished 13 year-old Muslim enters the “Never Repeat a Joke” Comedy Contest causing an uproar among his family & friends while his fans believe that he is the truth.

No Sex (Rom-Com)

Cain opens the Python Restaurant where waitresses are insulted – rivaling Adam’s Chastity Belt Store. Questions of morality arise as they endure their white-hot careers.

P.I.G. (Crime)

The Commissioner’s son sleeps with a porn-star after her imprisoned husband hires their own son to kill any man whom she sleeps with! (Based on a true story)

Tease Me Angry (Sci-Fi)

A provocative woman persuades a one-eyed monster to help her kill all the men on Earth! The men attempt a truce yet the battle of the sexes is inevitable! Who will prevail?

To Hell With Love (Sci-Fi Rom-Com)

Rita, a sexy bookworm, dumps Ed, a jobless man. He sells his soul to the Devil to destroy her life. The Devil takes matters into his own hands when Ed falls back in love and advances to a benevolent angel of God! (Chicago Screenwriter’s Network & Tribeca Award Winner)