Log-line: Are you yelled at all day? Or am I the only one?

Synopsis: Have you ever been abducted by aliens? This is a common feeling for any child. My family and friends are to thank. They spoil me. Spoiled means rotten, harmful, waste from excavation, and the result of winning. Between the ages of 19-22, I was God. I became God simply because I needed him by my side! The 3 year is when I discovered the culprit – a disease known as Tinnitus. My right ear exploded, resulting in scar tissue. There is now a blaring noise at all times (over 30 decibels). You may know someone who suffers from it? 23 million people do: 1 out of 10 people. And with the I-Pod that number is quickly rising. My name is Ramzy, and in Arabic that means “symbol“ or “sign.” I kept my suffering a secret because I was creating another world. I discovered the bottom of the rabbit hole. It is a story of how I survival. The camera was my escape into our space, so to speak. All of my friends were not my friends anymore. I was extremely paranoid. I wrote equations with numbers and emotions. (I.e. Cool = Acceptance + Appreciation.) I was obsessed with body language because I needed to simplify everything. I also thought I had to save the world. I can hear it right now and it is very painful but it has been 7 years and I do not mind it now. Believe it or not, I enjoy it. My therapist diagnosed me with delusions of grandeur, and thought broadcasting (thinking everyone is talking about you at all times). I am diagnosed with chronic depression: my father’s a psychologist. Worst of all: How do you sleep? It’s impossible! If I wasn’t as headstrong as I am, I would not be alive.

*In the vein of The Cell, The Truman Show, Number 23, EdTv, Fight Club, The Beautiful Mind, Being John Malkovich & Paranormal Activity.

Trailer for 2 Biopics on Chicago comedian with Autism in post-production being Merged into 1 Biopic