Memoirs about the hardships one faces whilst becoming a writer. I provoke my readers with professional feelings of an achievement of this magnitude. There’s a design at work in all art.

The chapters range from descriptions of relatives, being reared by my parents and the guilt passed down from my few mistakes. For example, challenging death. A second example, blasphemy.

You cannot help but get sucked into specific ideas that you may have subtly experienced; you just did not have the motivation, or sophistication, at the time to write it down. Akin to Jack Kerouac, I revolved my life around doing so.

All of the complex creative web will come off the page, simply, due to the indulgence of my lifestyle. My charisma will make you want to be a writer. I inspire in a way you’ve never believed or imagined; like the intensity of a painting, the strength of a sculpture, the originality of architecture, the simplicity of fashion & the magic of entertainment.