I love casting against type -not “type-casting” by definition – to sound delinquent wearing a grimace – I go against the grain. I go against the flow like salmon. I go against the norm demolishing, smashing, squashing the odds into gelatinous pudding. Not to be a delinquent but I’m cringe-worthy; performing unexpected, enigmatic plays; apt

You Ain’t Need No Approval

Is America’s divide culture or race? Are culture & race different? If no, then according to the theory of elimination, one does not exist. To quote Stacey Dash, “Social media replaces evil with good within the existing social order of political & economic culture. The dissemination of knowledge via social media is modifying us as a

It Takes A Brothel

These days, taking sides on a subject is unfeasible unless you desire to be torn by an opposing party, doggedly passionate about her own views. How united do we really stand? What stand should we take as Americans? Accept the vapid ideology that fear-mongereriner Trump is just one single joke. Matriarchy? I don’t comprehend how to say


These days, comedians / comediennes never get on RADIO or TELEVISION & talk about their 1st stand up performance. I consider this one of the great ironies of life. Instead gurus lecture the amateurs, hectoring us about “timing” or “executing” your “material”. We all freely use phrases & terms that a generation ago, nobody would

Forever Grateful For Syllables

Standup comedy trains & develops since it is the only art where no one should seek to justify careless annotation by being blacklisted for being “tasteless.” The sooner one can get back on stage, the better, for then routine triggers to add more specifics & place images in the context of the narrative. Said comics have

Role Models

When did you know you were funny? A question comedians are always asked which is like a screw-driver to the temple in attempting to rile a formidable reply. If you know anything about me, know I always change that answer (which got me kicked off TWTCL podcast.) I just arrived home from an Induction Ceremony at

You Make My <3 Smile

Influence is a bold word. I aim to be the influence that you are under. I want you to be under my influence. But you can’t be under the influence. The DEA or Police officers issue misdemeanors & jail time if you are under the influence – whether deemed positive or negative. As is typical of